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In collaboration with Techleap and DiversityHero, we’re excited to launch the first-ever DEI European Tech scan. From the info generated from the scan, our dedicated team will analyze all data and compile it into a comprehensive benchmarking report. Designed with business impact at its core, our report aims to provide you with data that sparks change and drives action.

Three reasons to take the scan:

  • Quickly spotlight key areas of strengths and opportunities in improving DEI practices within your organisation.
  • Gain insights on how your DEI performance matches up to other companies and industry leaders.
  • Receive data, including visual graphs and more, providing a deep dive on various DEI topics across the business.

In benchmarking companies across the European tech sector, we strive to help shape the future of DEI, fostering cultures rich in equity, inclusivity and a greater sense of belonging.

What it covers:

From recruitment to analytics, strategies, culture, people development and more, the survey (and our report) will provide insights into the following core topics:

Strategies: including DEI, Leadership and Business;
Business structure and resources;
Hiring/recruitment practices;
Learning, talent and workforce;
Compensation and career progression;
Analytics and reporting;
Policies and programs;
Company culture;
Physical workspace.

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By becoming a member of the Diversity Leaders in Tech community, you’ll unlock access to exclusive “extras,” including a detailed analysis of your data and more.


Who should take the scan?

We invite all European companies with 10+ employees in the tech and digital sector, ranging from startups to SMEs or large corporations, to participate.

As the questions will focus on your company’s DEI policies and practices, we suggest that a member from your executive team (including C-level leaders and directors), HR leaders and/or DEI specialists should take the scan.

What does it cover?

Guided by research frameworks developed in collaboration with Techleap,, DiversityHero, NLdigital and the University of Amsterdam, the survey is divided into three main sections and will cover:

  • General info about your company,
  • Topics related to policies, processes and strategies,
  • Business impact around DEI practices.
How long does it take?

The scan takes around 15 minutes and includes a mix of open-ended, multiple choice and yes/no questions.
Do I need to prepare anything in advance before taking the scan? Nope. We only ask that you answer each question as openly and honestly as possible. Doing so will not only ensure the best results for our benchmarking report but will also give you an accurate assessment of the DEI health of your company.

When will I get the results?

The scan is now live and will remain open through 1 May 2024. Following this, all participating companies will receive a customized report. Here, you will receive several data points, including a personalized diagram, spotlighting the current state of your company’s DEI maturity. The aggregated report, compiled from all data collected from our research, will be presented at this year’s TNW Conference in Amsterdam on 20 June 2024.

Data collection and privacy

The info generated from all scan responses will serve as a data source to spotlight DEI matters across the European tech sector. This info will then be aggregated and compiled into a customized benchmarking report. To ensure your company details remain confidential, all info provided via the scan will remain anonymous – and your personal details will remain private.

Exceptions may only occur for the purpose of conducting case studies – however details related to your data will only be used upon receiving your express written consent.

For more information, please review our Privacy Policy – or use our contact form.

About our Partners

Diverse Leaders in Tech (DLiT) is a world-class community of exceptional leaders equipped and empowered to set the standard for DEI excellence in European tech. By 2030, the community aims to transform the tech industry by normalizing data-driven DEI, enhancing cultural, gender, and neurodiversity representation, ending workplace discrimination, fostering LGBTQI+ safety, retaining international talent, and mitigating AI bias through comprehensive education and allyship.

Diverse Leaders in Tech | Partner Taskforce Diversiteit & Inclusie

The Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Taskforce is a collaboration between government and business. For four years, the D&I Taskforce will work to set objectives and formulate concrete actions that lead to a more diverse and inclusive digital sector. The Taskforce D&I is an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and industry association NLdigital.

Diverse Leaders in Tech

A world-class community of exceptional leaders equipped and empowered to set the standard for DEI excellence in European tech

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